Layoff Workbook for Self-Reflection & Career Planning $27 (a $1,500 value)

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Over the last three years, I’ve coached clients through work transitions of all kinds, including being fired to layoffs.

And if you’re anything like them, it’s likely that the questions filling your mind right now are unhelpful.

Maybe you’re asking yourself similar questions, like these:

  • Why was I the one laid off?
  • "Were there signs that I missed?"
  • Why am I so angry/sad/etc.?
  • "How can I prevent this from happening again?"

The list goes on.

BUT, if there's anything I’ve learned about coaching people through hard times, it’s this:

First, you need to ask yourself better questions.

The questions you ask yourself point your brain in a specific direction. If you ask disempowered questions, you’ll get disempowered answers.

And second, you’re at an inflection point in your life.

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what happens to us that matters; it’s how we deal with it.” How you respond to this moment will define the rest of your life, and it's up to you to decide how you want to use this forced pause in your career.

This workbook will:

  • Help you ask better questions. It’s full of 70+ mind-expanding exercises, prompts, and questions that I use with clients (in 6 $300/hour sessions) to heal from the experience, increase awareness and clarity around your career vision, and turn this moment into an empowering one.
  • Remind you of who you are when you're at your best so you can make decisions from a place of wholeness and abundance (instead of fear or scarcity).
  • Help you to capture your learnings from your experience so you can use that wisdom to take aligned action moving forward.
  • Insights as to what your best next step actually looks like for you (without worrying what anyone else thinks) & the courage to go after it.
  • Lifelong access to this workbook. Please do not share with others. If you want access but cannot afford it, let me know via LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you're considering working with me as your career coach, this is a great place to start so that we can make the most of our work together.

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Layoff Workbook for Self-Reflection & Career Planning $27 (a $1,500 value)

0 ratings
I want this!