Master Leadership Fundamentals in 30 Days: New Manager Accelerator Guide


You’ve just been promoted; now what?

You've put in the hard work to reach this point, and now you're realizing that the skills that got you here aren't enough to be a successful manager.

It's true; being a leader for the first time is a whole new ballgame.

Suddenly, you're responsible for managing your former peers, and you need to develop a whole new set of knowledge and skills. It's like you're stepping into uncharted territory.

Lastly, and maybe the most draining part, you aren't confident yet and don't know when you will be. Your lack of confidence shows up in how you interact with your team, limiting how well you do your job, and constantly weighing you down.

Here's the reality: a study from the Center for Creative Leadership found that a staggering 60% of new managers receive no training for their new role. It's no wonder that people end up hating their managers, with 1 in 5 individuals admitting to it.

Can you imagine showing up to work daily with all your people hating you? How would that impact your work? And how would it impact your life?

So, how do you succeed as a new manager without proper training?

You need to commit to acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills, mindsets, and strategies necessary to accelerate your growth and leadership capacity.

That's where this workbook comes in.

It's designed to bridge your manager knowledge and skills gap, providing you with the information and tools you need to exceed your potential in this role and beyond.

Consider it the foundation for unlocking higher potential future earnings, securing promotions, and writing a ticket to whatever career path you want.

As someone who's read the books on leadership, trained with some of the best leaders, paid an executive coach $10,000+ to accelerate my skills, learned many lessons the hard way, and coached many new managers to become their employees' favorite leader, I've distilled all this invaluable knowledge into this workbook.

It's real talk, no BS, and presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

The workbook combines concepts from the best leadership books, expert advice, and proven principles, creating your go-to manual for mastering the transition from individual contributor to manager.

Beyond that, it includes exercises that will truly drive your growth. After all, real learning happens when knowledge is put into action. Each day in the workbook features reflection or action exercises to turn that knowledge into lived experience.

If you're ready to take control of your growth and become an exceptional manager, this workbook is your companion on this important journey.

Inside the Workbook:

Leadership Foundations

  1. What is Leadership & Why it Matters
  2. The Leadership Mindset
  3. Leadership is a Choice
  4. Your Leadership Circle
  5. Developing Your Own Leadership Style


  1. Leadership Begins with Self
  2. Personal Life Vision
  3. Personal Values
  4. Uncovering Your Beliefs
  5. HotSpots/Triggers
  6. Self-Regulation
  7. Watch Your Meaning-Making

Leadership Skills

  1. The Skills of a Great Manager & Leader
  2. Create & Uphold Team Mission
  3. Embody Key Leadership Values
  4. The Importance of Trust
  5. Understanding How Trust Works & Building Trust
  6. Grow Industry Knowledge
  7. Strategically Roadmap
  8. The Art of Prioritization
  9. Delegate the Right Tasks to the Right Person at the Right Time
  10. Create Process for Effectiveness & Efficiency
  11. Coach People & the Problem
  12. Give & Ask for Feedback Regularly
  13. Align & Collaborate with Others

Heart-Based People Strategies

  1. Uncover & Encourage Each Person’s Unique Strengths
  2. Genuinely Care About Your People
  3. Celebrate the Wins 
  4. Verify & Clarify
  5. Bonus: Help People Understand & See Their Impact
  6. Bonus: Hold Space 
  7. Bonus: Hold Your People Accountable
  8. Bonus: Recognize People for What They DO & Who They’re BEING

Am I the right teacher for you?

My name is Sarah Bedrick, and I'll be your instructor.

Over the last 15+ years, I've worked in fast-paced software companies. I worked at HubSpot where I started and grew the HubSpot Academy division, and co-founded a startup currently Series A, where I'm currently Fractional CMO.

I've led people throughout their careers from intern to senior level, built two teams from the ground up, and now coach new managers on how to navigate the messy middle from IC to successful Manager.

While I'm proud of my accomplishments, I encourage you to evaluate me on 2 personal promises:

  1. I will only teach you things that have been proven to work for me.
  2. I will continuously improve this workbook with new learnings and your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release date for the handbook?

Version 1 releases to the public on Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 12PM EST.

If I was on the waitlist, would I get a discount?

Yes, if you were on the waitlist, you'll receive an email from me on July 2nd with a discount code for half off until Thursday, July 5.

Is there a physical copy?

No - however, it is a digital copy in Google Docs, which is printer-friendly.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the workbook and its 30-day completion timeframe, I will not be offering refunds. I am also confident that the content will deliver substantial value, ultimately helping you achieve your goals and drive positive change. And, because you'll have lifetime access to the content, you can continue to reference and benefit from it as your leadership evolves.

Can I share with other people?

If you find this valuable, please share this page with them to purchase their own copy. I have intentionally set a reasonable price to ensure accessibility for anyone dedicated to becoming an excellent manager. Sharing this page to purchase with others helps support the time and effort put into its creation. Thanks for understanding and for your support in spreading the value of this resource.

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Master Leadership Fundamentals in 30 Days: New Manager Accelerator Guide

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